‘Glitter Tops’ Is The Raciest Trend Making Everyone Go Topless This Season

Summer months ushers in the festival season, with Coachella having arrived with a bang and a host of show-stopping outfits.

One of the raciest trends showcased by revellers was people going topless and covering their boobs in glitter. Numerous Instagram stars flaunted their eye-popping looks to their fans, and many leave little to the imagination.

To create the daring look, many women have body paint applied to create the shape of a crop top or bralette.

Then glitter and rhinestones are carefully applied to prevent the festivalgoer flashing too much flesh and to create the dazzling “outfit”.

The finished result is definitely not for the faint-hearted but was seen all over the California-based festival this year – with people finishing off the look with skirts or hot pants.

The Go Get Glitter Instagram account was the first to share the divisive fashion trend with their 315,000 followers.

Also dubbed “disco t*ts”, the brave look first emerged in 2017 and was hugely popular at Glastonbury that year – partly thanks to the unusually nice weather.

Yves Saint Laurent even featured the look in their SS17 show, while it was also all the rage at California’s Coachella festival.

Glitter gurus The Gypsy Shrine, who had a stand at Glastonbury, and other companies have also been promoting the trend.

While the finished look will certainly help you stand out from the crowd, you better be praying it doesn’t rain if you don’t want to reveal more than you have bargained for.

Photo Credit: Getty

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