#GirlPower: Epsy Campbell Is Officially The First-Ever Black Female Vice President Of Costa Rica

The wings of racism was shattered in the global political sphere once again, as Epsy Campbell officially became the first ever female vice-president of Costa Rica,
Though Carlos Alvarado became the number one citizen in the country as he was elected President in the just concluded Costa Rica elections, his running mate Epsy Campbell, literally stole the global spotlight from him as she became the first black woman to rise to the position of the vice president in the country.
Speaking on her new feat, Epsy said: “It would not be the first only in Costa Rica but in Latin America. And eventually, if the president leaves the country, [I would be] the first woman of African descent to assume the presidency of the entire American continent. It’s a big responsibility. It will be a responsibility not only to represent people of African descent but to represent all women and men in the country, a country that gives us all the same opportunities.”
Photo Credit: Getty

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