Thursday, February 2, 2023

Get The Job Done By Any Means Necessary – Toolz On Her Work Ethic

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 Media personality Toolz in a new interview with Diary Of A Naija Girl, has opened up on how she got this far in her career. Toolz, who is the assistant director of programmes at Beat FM, shared a bit about her work ethic stating that she is one who does not like excuses and expects the job to get done at any means necessary. 

I’ve been lucky to have some amazing opportunities come my way, but I’ve also realized the importance of deliberately building a brand. Know and maximize your strengths. My work ethic is to get the job done by any (legal) means necessary! I hate excuses, and I hate being in the position where I have to make excuses. The entertainment industry is still very male-dominated, which is a big shame, but it is gradually changing. Women definitely support each other, but I find that we are often pitted against each other. With regards to artists, for example, it’s almost like there’s an unwritten rule that there can only be one successful female artist at a time which is ridiculous; There’s room for plenty. 

In this day and age, you have to make sure you have exposure on all or most trending platforms. Social media is massive now, so as someone that’s in the media/entertainment industry, even if I’m not a fan of social media I need to make sure my brand is visible there. I try to be unapologetically true to myself. 

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I have moments when I want to be silly, I have moments when I prefer being sophisticated. It’s important to me to go with whichever emotion I’m feeling at that point and to not let anyone dictate that part of my life to me

DANG: Through trying times personally and work-wise, what has kept you grounded?

Toolz: God, family, and friends. Last year was particularly trying for me, and I’m thankful for my relationship with God, and I’m also so incredibly grateful for the support network of family and friends that I have around me

DANG: What most people see is the glamorous life of every OAP. What piece of advice would you give undergraduates / fresh graduates out there who crave for a career on the radio?

Toolz: The glamorous side is perhaps 10% of it. I tell graduates/interns to be prepared to be fully committed to the job, even when it’s not fun. I’ve been at Beat FM for almost 10 years now, and I’ve only had 2 Christmas days off… Photo Credit: Toolz

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