Thursday, January 20, 2022

If That $20 Bill Was A Counterfeit, George Didn’t Know It!-George Floyd’s Roommate Speaks Up

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George Floyd’s room mate has come up to speak on the murder of his friend due to police brutality. The roommate of four years, Alvin Manago,said that Floyd was a stand-up guy and if he did use a counterfeit bill at the store before his death, it was unintentional.
George Floyd's Roommate Speaks Up
George Floyd’s Roommate Speaks Up

He said: “I’ve never known Floyd to use any counterfeit money. If he tried to pass along a counterfeit $20 bill it was unintentional. He probably didn’t know the money was fake.   “I’m just not sure why the store employees didn’t just tell him it was a fake $20. They all knew him then. He was a regular customer. Manago met Floyd when they worked together at the Conga Bistro Bar and Grill. Floyd worked security and Manago worked as a bar back. Manago says they had been roommates for almost four years and considers him one of his best friends.
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