Gent! Justin Bieber Punched A Man Who Was Assaulting A Woman At Coachella

Justin Bieber has reportedly punched a man in the face at a Coachella party. The Canadian singer is said to have come to the rescue of a woman when he saw a man grabbing her by the throat. It’s said that the man wouldn’t release his grip on the woman’s throat and Justin, 24, punched him in the face and threw him against a wall.It happened at a party being hosted by Patrick Schwarzenegger, according to TMZ . The website says the Sorry hitmaker arrived at the party with a friend and was talking to some people when the man walked in and attacked the woman. Sources told the site that the man appeared to be on drugs and that it looked like the woman was his ex-girlfriend.The man is said to have grabbed the woman by the throat and refused to release her when Justin and his friend started shouting at him, instead shouting at Justin and saying “Go f**k yourself”. It’s reported that Justin then hit the man in the face and pushed him up against the wall in order to allow the woman to break free. According to reports, the man was then thrown out of the party and was seen chasing after an SUV, believing that Justin was in the vehicle. It’s said the man was shouting Justin’s name and hitting the vehicle before he was arrested by police.

Photo Credit: Getty


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