MC Oluomo’s Wives Built Their Mansions From The Weekly Allowances He Gives Them – Source

A source has reportedly revealed how MC Oluomo‘s three wives acquired their mansion which they warmed in January, one after the other with lavish parties.
Recall that MC Oluomo had taken to Instagram to celebrate his wives subsequently for their new mansion and had also thrown the lavish housewarming ceremonies for them. As reported by KFB, the source disclosed that the National Union of Road Transport Workers NURTW Lagos State Chairman is a very generous man who does not joke with and spends for his wives.


The source further revealed that MC Oluomo’s wives had built the mansion from the weekly allowances he gives them., adding that the women are at peace with each other and their home is a peaceful one altogether.
MC is a caring husband and lover. His three wives benefitted from the weekly allowance he disburses to all of them and these women were very prudent and saved the funds. They, therefore, built houses they can lease out and make money from. These three women don’t fight or shout at one another.
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They have succeeded in learning to live in peace and this must have curried favour from their husband. Though each wife has her apartment to herself with the kids, they still come together and support one another. You would observe that at all the house-warming ceremonies, all the wives were present and each played the roles of hostess even when it wasn’t her house that was the subject of the day
“, the source reportedly said.
MC Oluomo's Wives Built Their Mansions From The Weekly Allowances He Gives Them - Source
MC Oluomo with one of his wives

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