Gabrielle Union Goes Deep On Her Personal Integrity As She Covers Redbook Magazine

Award-winning Hollywood actress, Gabrielle Union, spoke about how honesty changed her life as she covered the March 2018 issue of Redbook Magazine.
Speaking about how she shun all manner of gossip when discussing with people close to her, Gabrielle said: “When someone starts gossiping, I’ll be like, ‘I can’t.’ It stops people cold. They’ll ask, ‘What? What can’t you do?’ Then I’m like, ‘Listen to this. Yeah, I can’t. It’s sooo negative. Can we go back to your kid shitting? Because that was funny.”
“You have to do it with a wink and a nod, but it shuts people down. I used to just do it if the conversation was centered on a loved one—you’re not talking s­­hit about my friends or my family members in front of me. But now it’s in general, because when you let that into your space, whether or not you’re going to spread it or agree with it, your silence makes you complicit in negative energy, and that comes back.” she concluded.
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