Future’s 7th Babymama, Eliza Reign, Requests $53K A Month In Child Support

Future’s babymama drama is definitely far from over and this time it is with the 7th Eliza Reign. The rapper and Eliza have been going back and forth together since their child was born.  In the latest round of drama, Eliza has asked that the rapper pays $53,000, a month in child support for their daughter.
Future's 7th Babymama Eliza Reign Request For $53K A Month In Child Support
Future’s 7th Babymama Eliza Reign Request For $53K A Month In Child Support

According to new court documents, the “a good life” rapper has pleaded with the Florida judge in his family court case to not make it mandatory for him to turn over crucial financial information because Eliza Reign will likely use it to support her request for $53,000 a month in child support.

Eliza claims that the rapper can certainly afford the requested monthly amount due to his net worth being an estimated $19 million. The rapper also reportedly filed court papers earlier this month asking  not be allowed to take a paternity test confirming if Eliza’s daughter is his because it would cause “material injury and irreparable harm.”

His lawyer accused Eliza of leaking details about the case to various media outlets, leading him to be afraid that his DNA test results and financial information would be available for the public to see because of Eliza possibly sharing it on social media and with media outlets.

In the event that Future is instructed by the judge to reveal his finances, his lawyer has asked that the files be under seal, so that only certain people would be allowed to access them.  He had previously filed a motion for a reduction in child support, claiming that Eliza only needs $450 a month to support her daughter, while accusing her of referring to the little girl as a “check baby.”

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