Future Rants About Fake Friends

Future Rants About Fake Friends 1It seems popular American rapper, Future might be going through a rough time as he took to his social media page to rant about the fake people in his life who have refused to check up on him. According to him, “I don’t need any more fake friends. I’m good. Nope! Fake friends not for me.”I bought cribs, cars, bags, jewelry, etc no disrespect no hard feelings jus know why I’m the way I am..not a simple text” I do things out of the greatness of my heart. I might not be perfect, but I make sure everybody good. Future Rants About Fake Friends 2Everyone is good around me! Just know I’m happy with life. Like, I’m super happy. I just want y’all to know, man, how people are, man. Not just them, but everyone! They only think about their self and what they can get from you. As soon as you die, motherf*ckers gon’ be cryin’ ’bout who love you the most. That sh*t cap. Straight up. I don’t want no fake love.”Future Rants About Fake Friends 3 Photo Credit: Getty


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