Anger And Fury As White Police Officers With Dogs Post ‘Inhumane’ Photo Of Black Suspect They’d Arrested

A team of all-white police officers has come under fire after a controversial picture emerged of them posing for a photograph while circling a black suspect they had just arrested.

The picture shows officers from the Prentiss Police Department in Mississippi and their dogs posing with Eric Boykin, who they arrested on suspicion of robbery. Boykin was captured in some wooded area 600 yards from the Hancock Bank he is suspected to have robbed.
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The manhunt involved several agencies including the ATF, FBI, Mississippi Bureau of Investigation, the Mississippi Department of Corrections, the Louisiana State Prison System K9 team, the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department, Columbia Police Department.

The picture sparked outcry on Twitter , with baffled people saying the couldn’t believe what their eyes. 

US criminal justice system reporter Josie Duffy Rice tweeted: “So either 1) none of the people involved, from the officers to the news station to the staffer who posted this, realised what a bad look this is or 2) they do know how it looks, and that’s why they posted it. Those are the only two possibilities! and they are both very very bad.”

One commented saying the picture demonstrates the need for reform as he said: “This type of behavior is why police reform is absolutely necessary! These people have no sense of humanity!”

Another person claiming to be in law enforcement weighed in saying the shot made the system “look really bad”.

“You just simply don’t do that!,” the tweeter said.

“There is no need to take a picture like that period! Very unprofessional. I’m in law enforcement and this makes us look bad!”
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While one user put it simply saying: “I am sitting here in utter disbelief. NO WORDS.”
Boykin is being charged with armed robbery and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Photo Credit: Getty

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