Sunday, November 28, 2021

Funny Video Of Tyson Fury Punching Himself In The Face Goes Viral

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The funny video of Tyson Fury pushing himself on the face has resurfaced online following beating Deontay Wilder to become a two-time world champion.

“This is the moment… I punch myself in the face, live on ITV4,” deadpanned Fury about one of his most bizarre and hilarious in-ring events of his career. Well, uppercuts are danger punches for tall boxers against shorter opponents – but that’s not meant to apply to the man mountain who’s throwing it.

Fury, 20 years young, was gunning for a knockout in his fourth pro fight. As Lee Selby backed to the ropes, Fury loaded up and launched a titanic uppercut – which sailed past Selby but completed its arc and caught Fury right between the eyes, snapping his head back.

To prove the power of the punch, Fury briefly reeled backwards, stunned by his own blow. It was the boxing equivalent of an own goal, but presumably far more painful. Unfortunately, Swaby couldn’t capitalise on the fact that Fury had begun beating himself up and the fight was stopped at the end of the fourth round, Swaby in no position to continue.

As usual, Fury saw the funny side when later asked about it by BT Sport. “Reason behind it was, I was in a fight and I couldn’t really feel the other guy’s punches,” he said. “So I decided to punch my own self in the face.”

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