Franchon Crews Dezurn’s Coach Slaps Her, Puts Off Her Wig In Bid To Motivate Her Win Her Fight

Top female boxer, Franchon Crews Dezurn receives a slap on the face, has her wig jacked off her head midway through a fight by coach in a world title fight against Alejandra Jimenez.Franchon Crews Dezurn

Dezurn was fighting for the WBO and WBC super-middleweight world titles against Jimenez on Sunday, but was losing previous rounds so her coach wanted her to change her tactical approach.

In the 9th round, as she approached her corner, she was having issues sorting out her hair, and her coach Barry Hunter, who was not happy with efforts to sort out the weave on her head, instructed the team to “get that s**t off her head”.

Dezurn didn’t seem happy with the instruction to remove her hair, but eventually accepted removing the hair after the coach slapped her on her cheek and dragged off the hair to motivate her.

Unfortunately, she still ended up losing the fight.

Watch the video below;

Photo Credit: Getty

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