Four Mistakes To Avoid When You Are In Love

Many people fall in love only to make silly mistakes that put a strain and automatically put an abrupt end to their relationship. When you love someone, make sure you continually try to always make things work.

Many at times we think people around us will be there forever even when we hurt them but that is not cause.
Here are 4 mistakes we should never make when we love someone:

  1. Taking Someone For Granted:

It hurts when one is taken for granted. Relationship where this happens never last. Love is meant to be on equal levels.

2. Not Apologising When You Hurt Him / Her:
Human makes mistakes but the worst mistake is failing to apologise to the person you love. Failure to apologise will make your partner to get easily tired of the affair cause you will seen as a tyrant.

3. Unable To Manage Anger:
Anger is a number one enemy and nemesis of love. Many relationship are no more because of anger. When anger get the better of you things fall apart and that is why there is high level of break ups, broken homes and divorces due to abusive in relationship and domestic violence.

4. Being Too Proud:
Pride destroy so many things. when pride come into play, the relationship is at risk. There comes a time where one need to lower one sense of pride in order to make things work smoothly and sweetly.

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