Monday, February 6, 2023

Fornication Is No Respecter Of Gender – Toke Makinwa Slams Africa’s Patriarchy

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In Africa, despite Westernisation and Civilisation, the female gender are still being subject to some shame and ill-speaking for certain acts, same of which the male counterpart get little or none of such reactions, and Toke Makinwa gets seriously sick about this spirit of patriarchy.
When a male cheats, the words, “He is a man” begin to fly in the air, justifying his acts and nailing them on God, meanwhile, God has himself has not given a statement about this but religion and culture. When a woman does same, however, she is called all sorts of names, including slut, and it leaves one to wonder, if God too, had created her to be shamed.
Taking to the streets of Twitter to express her disgust at the level of patriarchy in Africa, Toke Makinwa queried the statement that a woman who goes from man to man will have questions to answer on judgment day, wondering what will happen to defaulting men,. Noting that fornication is not a respecter of gender, Toke Makinwa asked people not to judge others’ sin based on gender or difference in sin.
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The spirit of Patriarchy is so strong in Africa it makes me sick how can you say women who go from man to man will have questions to answer on judgment day, what of men who go from woman to woman? They’ll be welcomed into the pearly gates with open arms? Help me understand. When it is a woman she is promiscuous, when it is a man, he is living it up. fornication is no respecter of gender and you can’t judge someone cos you sin different or you are of a different gender“, she wrote.
Toke Makinwa
Photos Credit: Instagram
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