Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Former Beauty Queen Sylvia Nduka Helps Save The Life of A Toddler

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Former Miss Nigeria, Sylvia Nduka has helped and funded a little girl’s surgery after doctors found out the child had an infected kidney.
The little girl named Fikayo has reportedly been “in pain and….has also suffered loss of appetite medically referred to as anorexia.”
But there was a change of event when the ex-beauty queen encountered the child so as to take her to medical professionals who identified what the problem was. The 8 year old had a successful surgery carried out by expert doctors as the beautiful philanthropist confirmed in a post.
“Surgery was successful, glory be to God. I met this little Angel, named Fikayo. She’s 8 years old and her mother is a nanny who receives a salary of N15,000.00 monthly. Fikayo has been living with a swollen stomach for the past 6 years and this sickness made her a laughing stock of her school as her classmates call her “The pregnant girl”. She has been in pain and has also suffered loss of appetite medically referred to as anorexia. As fate would have it, a friend brought her to @seedfoundation and when I met her, I knew it was serious. I looked at her and broke down in tears as her condition would get anyone very emotional. SEED foundation took her to the hospital, the doctor examined her and then arranged some tests and investigations (abdominal X-ray, 3 different scans, etc).After which, they discovered she had a kidney infection and suggested a Nephrectomy be carried out immediately. We took care of her hospital bills and prayed to God to heal her. This whole process took about three months. The surgery was successful. We thank God for His Infinite Grace, Fikayo is going back to school as a normal child after staying at home for a year plus, and we are super happy to be a part of Fikayo’s story. #seed #foundation”.Photo Credit: Getty

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