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KOKO Food: Get Your Tastebuds Buzzing With This Special Egusi Soup Recipe

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The fat and protein-rich Egusi Soup was, is and will continue to be a major food in West African cuisine. It is a highly indulgent exotic soup made with egusi seeds and chicken, crayfish, smoked fish or other personal preference(s), and is unarguably the most popular Nigerian soup.

The seeds from which the soup is made, Egusi, is naturally fortified with lots of endless health benefits which are vital for children, young and old, men and women. It contains essential minerals (Protein, Potassium, Sulphur, fats, calcium, magnesium, carbohydrate, zinc, copper, manganese, dietary fibre and more) and vitamins (A, B1, B2, C and E) which promotes eye vision, improves the skin and hair, improves appetite and aids digestion. It also contains antioxidant properties that prevent; cells from damage, ulcer and other health condition which are caused by the oxidation processes in the body.FOOD: Get Your Taste Buds Buzzing With This Special Egusi Soup Recipe

Various people have their way of preparing this hearty and earthy-flavors-oozing soup, but one will always be the best. That is why we bring you this special recipe that will get your taste buds dancing, buzzing, thanking you and longing for more from Nuellas Kitchen, the home of Nigerian Soups and dishes in litre bowls. Never read through this without trying it out, it is a taboo😉. So, let’s get started.

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3 cups blended Egusi, 3 cooking spoons red palm oil, 3 tablespoons blended crayfish, Stockfish, Fresh pepper mix (blended onions, atatrodo,and tatashe), Locust beans (iru), Smoked fish(eja egun and smoked titus fish), Beef, Assorted meat (pomo, shaki and roundabout), Ugwu or bitterleaf leaves, Yellow pepper ( I just love the unique flavour it adds to soup), Seasoning cubes, SaltFOOD: Get Your Taste Buds Buzzing With This Special Egusi Soup Recipe

Wash all your meat and pomo, boil the tough ones first then add the others later.  I usually season with seasoning cubes a little ginger and garlic (you can skip the ginger and garlic if you do not like it) and salt. When the meat is soft add your stockfish and set aside. Blend a little onion till smooth, pour into your blended Egusi, add a little crayfish. Mix together to get a paste.
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Pour your palm oil in a pot heat for about 3-4mins; add your already diced onions (add your iru if you using). Sauté the onions till fragrant. Now add your Egusi paste stir continuously, stir fry for 10minutes. Add your blended pepper mix, your meat stock and allow to cook for 10mins. Add your already boiled meats and cook for about 15-20mins. When you see the oil floating on the soup it means your soup is almost ready. Add your smoked fish, crayfish, diced yellow pepper, seasoning cubes and stir. Add your Ugwu and combine, cook for 2minutes. Switch off the heat and allow to simmer. Your finger-licking Egusi soup is ready.

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Go ahead and complement your scrumptious soup with Amala, Semo, Wheat or Boiled plantain to get your taste buds begging for more food, after all, food is life.

FOOD: Get Your Taste Buds Buzzing With This Special Egusi Soup Recipe
Photos Credit: Nuellas Kitchen Facebook: Nuellaskitchen, Calls/Whatsapp: 07031896993
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