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Food: 5 Health Benefits of Going Vegan

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It’s been three weeks now and all we have been telling you about is a very beneficial way of eating and living, which will save you the stress of having meat stucked up in between your teeth – Veganism and Going Vegan.

In our last Food article, we talked about the Unique Differences You Need To Know About Veganism, Vegetarianism and Plant-Based Nutrition. Today, we are bringing your way some of the utmost benefits you stand to derive from embracing this diet and nutrition type. Veganism is the latest trending and recommended diet simply because of the numerous health benefits vegans are getting from the wonderful diet.FOOD: 5 Health Benefits of Going VeganApart from saving you the stress of having to pick your teeth when you eat meat, Vegans, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, are less likely to develop heart disease, cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure than meat-eaters. This is because the Vegan diet does not contain all the cholesterol and saturated animal fats, thereby lowering the risks of having these deadly diseases. It is worthy to note that cholesterol and saturated animal fat found in meat, eggs, and dairy products don’t just clog the arteries to the heart. Over time, they impede blood flow to other vital organs as well, disrupting the effective functioning of the organs, leading to one health issue or the other. Wouldn’t you rather say YES to Veganism?
FOOD: 5 Health Benefits of Going VeganSpeaking on excess weight, it allows you to keep your weight in check, as you do not take in animal fats and other sources of fat, but you feed mainly on plants that are highly fibrous. This helps to reduce your calorie intake and keep the excess fats off for good, giving you plenty of energy as you get all the nutrients you need to be healthy, such as plant protein, fiber, and minerals, without having to deal with cholesterol and saturated animal fats.
Avoiding certain animal products also helps to reduce the risk of prostate, breast and colon cancers. Vegans generally eat considerably more legumes, fruits, vegetables, and more soy products, which may offer some protection against breast cancer. The diet is also devoid of smoked or processed meats and meats cooked at high temperatures, which are believed to promote certain types of cancers.FOOD: 5 Health Benefits of Going Vegan This type of diet also improves the functions of the kidneys and other super organs. The high-fiber, plant-based diet detoxifies the body and cleans out the intestines. Insoluble fiber holds more water, which can bulk up waste and help bowel movements pass more smoothly. It also has positive effects on people with different types of arthritis. Vegan diets based on probiotic-rich whole foods are known to significantly decrease symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Since vegan diets are based on plants and plant-processed food, one cannot doubt the power of the Vitamins and minerals present in plants to help one have a glowing and shining skin.FOOD: 5 Health Benefits of Going VeganYes, you have seen some super benefits of embracing Veganism and you are thinking which way to go. In as much as you know the benefits, it is also worthy to note that to have them all, you will need to follow a healthy and balanced vegan diet. This, of course, we are sure to bring to you, with some giveaways, courtesy our collaboration with Naked Nutrition. Naked Nutrition is a manufacturing company, specialising in helping you attain all their daily nutrition intake with necessary supplements and maximumly enjoying the benefits of keeping a healthy nutrition. Till next Friday KOKOFoodies, when Veganism ones your way, keep ruminating on the great benefits and make your nutrition choice for good!

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FOOD: 5 Health Benefits of Going Vegan
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