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Fixtures Schedule For The AFCON 2022

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Complete daily match schedule for the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON 2022) in Cameroon from January 9 to February 6 (all times GMT): AFCON 2022


Sunday, Jan 9

Gp A: Cameroon v Burkina Faso, 1600; Cape Verde v Ethiopia, 1900; both Olembe Stadium, Yaounde

Monday, Jan 10

Gp B: Senegal v Zimbabwe, 1300; Guinea v Malawi, 1600; both Kouekong Stadium, Bafoussam

Gp C: Ghana v Morocco, 1600; Comoros v Gabon, 1900; both Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium, Yaounde.
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Tuesday, Jan 11

Gp E: Algeria v Sierra Leone, 1300, Japoma Stadium, Douala

Gp D: Egypt v Nigeria, 1600; Guinea-Bissau v Sudan, 1900; both Roumde Adjia Stadium, Garoua

Wednesday, Jan 12

Gp F: Mali v Tunisia, 1300; Gambia v Mauritania, 1600; both Limbe Stadium

Gp E: Equatorial Guinea v Ivory Coast, 1900, Douala

Thursday, Jan 13

Gp A: Cameroon v Ethiopia, 1600; B. Faso v C. Verde, 1900; both Yaounde (Olembe)

Friday, Jan 14

Gp B: Guinea v Senegal, 1300; Malawi v Zimbabwe, 1600; both Bafoussam

Gp C: Comoros v Morocco, 1600; Gabon v Ghana, 1900; both Yaounde (Ahmadou Ahidjo)

Saturday, Jan 15

Gp D: Nigeria v Sudan, 1600; Egypt v G. Bissau, 1900; both Garoua

Sunday, Jan 16

Gp F: Gambia v Mali, 1300; Mauritania v Tunisia, 1600; both Limbe

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Gp E: I. Coast v S. Leone, 1600, Algeria v E. Guinea, 1900; both Douala
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Monday, Jan 17

Cameroon v C. Verde, Yaounde (Olembe); B. Faso v Ethiopia, Bafoussam; both 1600

Tuesday, Jan 18

Gp B: Malawi v Senegal, Bafoussam; Guinea v Zimbabwe, Yaounde (Ahmadou Ahidjo); both 1600

Gp C: Gabon v Morocco, Yaounde (Ahmadou Ahidjo); Comoros v Ghana, Garoua; both 1900

Wednesday, Jan 19

Gp D: G. Bissau v Nigeria, Garoua; Egypt v Sudan, Yaounde (Ahmadou Ahidjo); both 1900

Thursday, Jan 20

Gp E: Algeria v I. Coast, Douala; E. Guinea v S. Leone, Limbe; both 1600

Gp F: Gambia v Tunisia, Limbe; Mali v Mauritania, Douala; both 1900

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Round of 16

Sunday, Jan 23

(1) 2A v 2C, Limbe, 1600

(2) 1D v 3B/E/F, Garoua, 1900

Monday, Jan 24

(4) 2B v 2F, Bafoussam, 1600

(3) 1A v 3C/D/E, Yaounde (Olembe), 1900

Tuesday, Jan 25

(5) 1B v 3A/C/D, Bafoussam, 1600

(6) 1C v 3A/B/F, Yaounde (Ahmadou Ahidjo), 1900

Wednesday, Jan 26

(7) 1E v 2D, Douala, 1600

(8) 1F v 2E, Limbe 1900


Saturday, Jan 29

(B) Winners 4 v winners 3, Douala, 1600

(A) winners 1 v winners 2, Garoua, 1900

Sunday, Jan 30

(C) Winners 7 v winners 6, Yaounde (Olembe), 1600

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(D) winners 5 v winners 8, Douala, 1900


Wednesday, Feb 2

Winners A v winners D, Douala, 1900

Thursday, Feb 3

Winners B v winners C, Yaounde (Olembe), 1900

Third place

Sunday, Feb 6

Losing semi-finalists, Yaounde (Ahmadou Ahidjo), 1600


Sunday, Feb 6

Winning semi-finalists, Yaounde (Olembe), 1900

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