Sunday, November 28, 2021

Five Things That Men Do That Really Turns Women On

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It takes two to tango. It also requires that someone one should make the right moves while the other responds well for a relationship to manifest and blossom.

Women tend to be attracted to men for a variety of reasons. To stay attracted to them, here are some things that men need to have or do for them to interest women.

Honesty: An honest man is as good as gold. When a woman smells any ounce of dishonesty from a man, it sends many red flags her way.

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As a response, she can either stop talking to you or be quiet and watch you as she plans her exit plan. Dishonesty shows a woman that you are unreliable yet women thrive through being offered a sense of security.

Emotional maturity: How are you as a man able to handle your emotions? Do you always burst out in anger or are you able to cool off and make wise decisions? Being able to exhibit a high level of maturity when it comes to emotions will ensure that women stay interested in you.

This is more the case because, women can easily get moody and have fluctuations in their emotions. As a man, being able to handle these fluctuations wisely will go a long way in stabilizing a relationship.

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Relational sensitivity: Kindness, patience, gentleness are key sensitive ways that attract women and keep them glued to the men who exhibit these characteristics. This is more so because, having women who are sensitive and in tune with their emotions will call for a man that is sensitive.

When a lady says she’s feeling this way or that way, it requires a man who can be sensitive enough, put themselves in their shoes and relate accordingly.

Showing up: 
Being late for dates, or not being present at all does not augur very well with women. For women to constantly be interested in the men they like, a man has to be consistent in being there. This makes women feel more comfortable around them, and feel secure that this men will be able to take care them if need be. It also shows a deeper fatherly instinct as no one would like to parent alone.

Good spending habits: Since finances are a huge binding factor, you’ll realize that women will be interested in men who are financially savvy.

She’ll want someone who isn’t afraid to spend on her as well as be able to invest in future prospects. Having someone who is selfish and not open about finances can be a huge turn off.Photo Credit: Getty

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