Five Pickup Lines That Drives Ladies Crazy Over A Guy

Love makes the world go round. Finding true love is rally hard to find, but it exist. We find love in strange places maybe in a filling station, church, mosque, hospital or even at a bus stop.

Women are moved with what they hear, a large percentage of ladies wants a guy who can speak the things they would like to hear therefore a man must know how to express himself.
A man who does not know how to carefully choose his words will likely find it hard to woo a lady. So here are 5 pickup lines to assist you in getting your dream girl:

  1. Do you mind if i talk to you? I can’t rest in your presence.
  2. I look at you and I can only imagine life with you.
  3. Are you a piece of art? Because i will to nail you up on my wall. Wow!
  4. I can’t stop staring at your beautiful face.
  5. You eyes are so beautiful. I love the way you are.

The next time you see that lady that your heart want, use these pickup line to get to attention and remember be confident in your speaking.

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