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Travel:Five Annoying Passengers You Get To Meet On A Trip

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Often, we think we are the best passengers and our habits are perfect especially when we are on a trip but in reality the opposite might just be the case. It could be a road trip, air or train but either way we get to sit with someone who happens to be a fellow passenger. Have you ever wondered what the person next to you was thinking? Or if he/she was thinking of you? When on a trip you do every thing possible to make your self comfortable, which is a good thing but try not to make others uncomfortable in the process. Below are 4 annoying habits that gets many passengers worked up instead of a having beautiful trip.

The Chitty chatters: These set of people always seem nice but end up destroying your good mood with their endless stories. They forget you are a total stranger disclosing their personal lives to you and in turn expect you to reciprocate. This set of people are better ignored politely. If you are a music lover, you could listen to music through your head set sending a message that you aren’t interested in a conversation.
Seat Kickers: These are mostly kids but parents are blamed for this for lack of control over their kids. This can be annoying because when trying to have a nice nap or concentrate on a project, you keep feeling kicks behind you. Most times you get the parents attention to this but it continues till the end of the trip or if you are lucky until the kid sleeps off.
Awful Odour: This might just be the worse of them all. It could be a damp cloth, shoe, hair or just a bad mouth or body odor. It totally puts anyone off. If you are in the habit of not taking a proper shower before embarking on a journey, you should think of stoping it considering the person who would be sitting beside you. Though you might not be able to know when you smell bad since you are used to your body scent, strangers tend to notice a bad odor since the smell is new to them.Careless Seaters: As stated earlier, relaxation isn’t a bad idea especially if you would be seated for hours on a long trip. But then, maintain your space so the next person also has room for relaxation. Spreading your hands and leg seems rude and inconsiderate. As a Passenger, sitting scattered tells a story that you are careless.
Parents With Uncontrollable Kids: Kids need guidance that’s why they are kids. They can not reason like adults so they tend to play and scream when they deem it fit. So the job of parents is to correct, scold and discipline them. This way the kids know the difference from right and wrong and saves you the embarrassment of having to apologise to angry passengers.Photo Credit: Getty

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