First Class Graduate Sues Anglia Ruskin University Over Her ‘Mickey Mouse’ Degree

A graduate is suing her university for £60,000, claiming she got a “Mickey Mouse” degree.

Pok Wong, 29, moved from Hong Kong to study international business strategy at Anglia Ruskin University, in Cambridge, England. But she says the qualification is useless and has failed to get her a good job.She said “The prospectus convinced me that the university was really impressive. But, as soon as I started in 2011, I realised there were failings. Although I graduated with a First Class degree in 2013, it is a Mickey Mouse degree. I hope that bringing this case will set a precedent so that students can get value for money, and if they don’t they get compensated. Anglia Ruskin talked a good talk, but then didn’t deliver.” In papers lodged at London County Court, the graduate has demanded a full refund of all tuition fees and living costs for the two-year course.She says the prospectus claims about a “quality education and prospect of employment after graduation” were “fraudulent”. Her claim states: “Since graduating … it has been proven that the degree … does not play a role to help secure a rewarding job with prospects”. She added that one lecturer arrived late for lessons, finished early and sometimes told students to “self-study”. Ms Wong also claims she was falsely imprisoned by security when she tried to “protest” during her graduation ceremony. The university rejected her claims and insisted statements about job prospects were not part of any contract. Court papers lodged by the university allege she may have failed to get a job partly because of her decision to “spend time and energy” waging a campaign against it on YouTube and Facebook.Photo Credit: Getty


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