Finally!! Lola Alao Celebrates Winning The Custody Of Aisha Abimbola’s Children

Nollywood actress Lola Alao has won the custody case over the two children of her late friend/colleague, Aisha Abimbola. The talented actress has been authorized to be their custodian in Canada, North America after a court ruling. Recall that Aisha Abimbola, who battled cancer died on Tuesday, May 15, 2018, was laid to rest on May 17, 2018, in Canada. Her estranged husband, Victor Ibrahim and his family made all attempts to have the custody of their two kids (Keji and Lase) who Lola Alao had been taking care of since her friend died. According to report, there was tension between the late actress’ family and Lola Alao over the rightful custodian of these kids as Mr. Ibrahim refused to sign the consent form. However, the Canadian authority has given the actress the custody of the children in a court ruling in January while the case adjourned till further notice. In a video shared on Instagram on Thursday, Lola and Aisha’s kids are seen jubilating as she takes them to school. She thanked everyone who supported her and advises couples to embrace their kids no matter the state of affairs in any sour marriage. According to an actress close to the deceased and Lola, Aisha never wanted her husband to have custody of the kids.

She said: “Lola Alao was considered as the next-of-kin to late Aisha when she was dying was not in contention, she (Lola) was the only one that was around taking responsibility of the ailing actress and it was also gathered that late Aisha had no other choice than to ask her friend, Lola for that favour of taking charge of her kids if she eventually died.”


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God bless you all Folake Sadare , Foluke Daramola, Thanks so much🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️

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