Saturday, April 1, 2023

“FG Locked Down Abuja And Lagos To Secretly Install 5G” – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

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The General Overseer of the Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has alleged that the Federal Government, locked down Lagos and Abuja in order to secretly install 5G.

The pastor who recently alleged that 5G network and coronavirus are actually linked, went further in his claims.

He said the cities were not locked down because of Coronavirus, but because of the 5G, adding that what killed people in Wuhan, China was not Coronavirus, but 5G.

“5G is the reason the Federal Government has to lockdown Abuja and Lagos so the 5G could be installed. And there are other cities planned for and as I said before, what killed people in Wuhan, China is not the virus, it was the 5G. If you say it is not, tell us how you discovered yours,” he said in a TV interview.

It can be recalled that Oyakhilome, in a recent message said what is happening right now has nothing to do with a virus as the world had chosen to be deceived.

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“Don’t think what is happening right now has to do with a virus. It’s not a virus. The world has chosen to be deceived. As they have been deceived many times before. This is not the pandemic. Question where did the other ones go? No one is asking. I have asked the question, ‘Where do viruses come from?’ They are not found in nature, it means they’re created. I’m trying to let you know the reason you’re in your house. I call it a global siege. What they don’t tell you is that your body can be connected. Did you know that once that happens you can also be controlled as your devices are controlled. Meaning that signals can be sent to your brain, your brain can be controlled. Once that happens you are no longer yourself. The idea is controlling the new race.

“So since they can’t vaccinate everyone, they started vaccinating children and raising them that way. You wanna know what’s going on in the world? There’s a movie called “Divergent” from 2014. That’s what the groups that are interested in the new world order are up to, to put vaccine in your body containing a digital ID, by which you as a human being can be controlled, you cease to be yourself,” he said.CoronavirusPhoto Credit: Getty

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