‘Grow Up And Stop Talking Rubbish’ – FFK Reacts To MURIC’s Call For A Travel Ban On Trump

Femi Fani-Kayode
Femi Fani-Kayode {FFK}, former Minister of Aviation and a staunch supporter of the outgoing U.S President Donald Trump, reacts to the call by the member of the Muslim Rights Concern MURIC who called on the Federal Government to place a travel ban on Donald Trump and all of his cronies. Femi fani-kayode

According to the Director of MURIC, Prof Ish’aq Aknitola who in a statement released yesterday January 11, called on the Federal Government of Nigerian to place a travel ban on the outgoing American president just like the American government would’ve done if the table was turned around. Femi Fani-Kayode FFK Reacts To MURIC's Call

Reacting to the call FFK took to his Twitter handle, to lambast the Islamic group MURIC, saying members of the group ought to be tied up and put in a monkey cage and dumped in a slum somewhere in Riyahd. Read the former Minister’s tweet who obviously is a fierce supporter of Donald Trump below;

”Those that say we should put a travel ban on Donald Trump & stop him from coming to Nigeria ought to be tied in fetters, put in a monkey cage, shipped to Saudi Arabia & dumped in the slums of Riyahd from where they must never be allowed to return. Grow up & stop talking rubbish!”

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