Feminism Is A Good Thing – Onyeka Onwenu

Onyeka Onwenu Okays Feminism
Legendary singer Onyeka Onwenu has cleared the air on what feminism is and her belonging to the group of women who fight to have a say and stand up for themselves.
Recently, feminism has been described and made to seem like a war, bad blood and competition with men but Onyeka Onwenu, in a chat with The Nation revealed it is a good thing and why it is.
According to her, she will not get to heaven and give God an excuse that it is the men on earth that hindered her from living a fulfilled life, achieving all she needs to do and that is why she needs Feminism to stand her ground not to take the backseat. “Feminism, that word that we are so scared of? It is not a bad thing, it is a good thing.”, she began.
“It means, as a woman, I’m not going to apologize, I’m not going to be the second rate, I’m not going to take the backseat because I’m a woman and I ought to be seen and not be heard.”Onyeka Onwenu“I always say when I die and go to heaven to meet my God and He asks: “Onyeka, why did you not achieve things I told you to go and do.” I’d say, “Papa, the men didn’t let me.” I can’t give that excuse.
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“What I am saying is that it doesn’t mean that I am better than the man, it doesn’t say that we must all be doing the same things because we have our different strengths and weakness but we must complement and respect one and other. Guess what, I have boys and I don’t have girls but I have many daughters out there. What I always tell them is – be yourself, be your best and don’t let anybody push you down and do not push down anybody, either.
Onyeka Onwenu okays Feminism
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