Professional Female Boxer Arrested For Beating Her Husband To Death

A 34-year-old profession female Brazilian boxer, Viviane Obenauf has been arrested as the prime suspect in the bludgeoning murder of her wealthy Swiss hotelier husband.Professional female boxer Vivianne Obenauf

Obenauf is accused of beating her 61-year-old husband, Thomas Obenauf to death at his restaurant Des Alpes at Interlaken in Switzerland on October 19.

Vivianne Obenauf was arrested last week after the body of the victim was found dead from “massive injuries” sustained from a “violent assault”.

It is reported that Viviane has quite a temper and isn’t shy of taking on both men and women outside the ring whenever she loses her temper. The Swiss police are now looking into claims of Obenauf being responsible for the death of her husband who she married in January 2020.

The former featherweight boxer has been arrested at least once before — for allegedly punching a man who tried to grope her as she celebrated her 30th birthday in London in 2016, the local report said. She spent several hours in jail on the night of that incident.

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