Fave Is An Artiste With A Difference (Article)

I discovered Fave after a friend of mine shared a screen record of her song, N.B.U on his WhatsApp status, sometime in April. As a sucker for budding music acts, I made a mental note to check her out, but it skipped my mind somehow.FaveHowever, this friend kept terrorizing me on WhatsApp and Twitter, telling me I had to go look out this girl. “Guy, she’s the bomb. Go listen to her. You like music, you’ll love this girl’s sound.”
I finally did and well, the rest as they say is history. I have sort of become a sucker for Fave and what her sound exemplifies and stands for.
Fave came into limelight after jumping on a free beat by Jinmi Abduls, yes our favorite Jinmi of Lagos, the lover of all Sisi Ekos. She dropped that song, N.B.U as a freestyle, where she asks her lover if despite the heartache, he would stick with here. She says she will “never leave you for nobody.”


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The beauty of Fave is her range. She has a dancehall vibe, without the Patois and all, and she experiments this genre on Pop songs. Her strength is in two-fold, her vibe on songs and her music writing skill. While her voice cannot be dismissed, she knows what her audience wants, and she is feeding them.Anyways, Now that I had discovered her sound, I went digging and checked her out. Our beautiful singer has been actively making music for more than a year. About nine months ago, she released her first single M.O.M.M.S which means ‘me or mask my sins’.
The song is a beautiful and powerful statement from an artiste seeking a breakout into the industry. One reason why Fave would last long is that she’s running away from Afrobeats and Afropop, although her songs have an element of this, she is not making it her lead genre. The experiment is worthy of applause.
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In the song, she speaks of two versions of people, those broken and scattered into smithereens that finding and accepting love is a Herculean task, and the other group who love others despite their errors. She says “We’re Waiting For Love In The Backyard/Looking For What’s Not Lost.”
The piano-led instrumental blends well with her voice, the narrative she is peddling and the lyrics of the songs.
Most people might be unaware of a song Money Heist, which features Fave and other acts like Skeellz and Genesys, and others. You’ll hear Fave voice as she weaves through the instrumental. It is too much talent on one song, but Fave makes her mark, announces herself as she delivers the hook with perfection.
Fave released her next song, Dal and she finally shows her reggae vibe here. The subject of love is something that Fave enjoys, but if you listen closely, she speaks about more than love. She talks about loss, commitment and rejection.
She sings “Everytime I Say I Wanna Switch Gears/My Stupid Heart Will Press Decline.” As a 20-year, GodsFavour Chidozie, she understands the troubles that those within are age-group are dealing on the subject of love, and she finds a way to incorporate it into her song. The beauty of her song is that she takes the words in your heart and sings them to you. It is sublime, to say the least.
Fave is that artiste to watch out for. Her sound is eclectic. Her vibe is excellent. What remains to be seen is how well she can perform on stage, and where this musical journey will lead her.Photo Credit: Instagram

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