Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Father’s Day: Are Dads Celebrated Enough!

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Irrespective of the direction society has taken especially when it comes to women being abandoned by their baby daddies etc, there’s no denying that there are great dads everywhere. It seems people are seeing more of the negative side of men compared to the positive side that father’s day is almost just like another day.


Let’s make this year different by changing the stereotypical mindset of the popular saying men are scum. Life is all about balance, as there are bad fathers, so also there are good fathers; throwing the bathwater with the baby is never a good idea.
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Mothers nowadays are stepping in to handle the responsibilities that some fathers should be handling, or lets say, the load on them is too much in some cases; but there are fathers who carry all the load also when it comes to the family, men who stand by their wives and children and doesn’t go to sleep unless they are okay. This kind of picture is what we need to paint to the men of the younger generation, so they can emulate and carry on the touch. Are fathers celebrated enough! In today’s society, well, maybe not as much as mothers are celebrated, but they are celebrated. Homes where the father and mother have a partnership with their kids, definitely the father will be celebrated on his big day and every other day. On the other hand, the rate at which kids are growing up without fathers is way higher than the rate at which kids are growing up without mothers, that can be said to be another reason why it may seem that fathers are not celebrated enough.
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How can they be celebrated when mothers seems to be doing all the work. Once again, a but, there is always that percentage of men who are breaking their backs to provide and be there for their family, and these dads deserve all the accolades possible. Hence, we celebrate fathers who go the extra mile, who ensure there is food on the table, financial, emotional, psychological, material, mental, support for their kids and entire family.fatherTrending video of the day;

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