Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Fashion Trends: The Controversial & Internet Breaking Male Rompers

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It has being called feminine, gay, girly and all sorts. But its no doubt that male rompers are having a moment in the fashion world as the trend has gone viral on social media, while some users are having mixed feelings about it others are defiantly rocking the swag out of it.Originating from the United States, this latest menswear fashion trend – romper for men aka romphim, is being trashed online for being effeminate; sparking a debate if men’s fashion is becoming too feminine. Some designers think that with fashion becoming easier and more fun, it’s a cool choice for guys this summer. It seems that hypermasculinity is a thing of the past and fashion for guys finally doesn’t surrender to norms.Decoding the Romphim
The romphim is a one-piece combination of shorts and shirts or T-shirts for women and children. They first came into existence in early 1900’s in the US. The reason they became popular was because they were loose, relaxed and ideal for movement for small children in an era where they wore restrictive clothing.Fast forward to the 21st century where women flaunt a romper because it’s fashionable and comfortable. Now, a romphim is a romper for guys. This trend came into existence earlier this year and it might just be here to stay. What do you think, would you also want to romp this season or not?
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