Monday, January 30, 2023

Fashion Fix: Why Its So Necessary To Follow Menswear Rules

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When it comes to mens fashion, most KOKOnistos ignore the rules and yet fall victim of the menswear don’ts. Menswear entails a lot of fashion trends, tips, guide and yes of-course fix! But today, we will be focusing on why its so necessary to follow menswear rules especially when it comes to matching your belts and shoes.Before now, most male fashion and style enthusiasts weren’t so much of a fan of wearing same colour of belt and shoes as most find that rule tiring and expensive knowing fully well you always have to shop for two that is – belt and shoes.Just to clarify this rule, its only ideal and right to wear matching belts and shoes as a guy as following the mens fashion help build one’s confidence and gives a positive tick at any event.Emphasizing on this, paying attention to the material and texture of your shoes and belts also matter but in a situation where the materials aren’t really visible, there can also pass the rule but that comes a bit of trick. Checkout some stylish KOKOnistos serving this rule right.Photo Credit: Getty

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