Fans Drag ‘Pathetic Bystander’ Who Filmed Football Star Dele Alli Doing This In London

English professional footballer Bamidele Jermaine popularly known as “Dele” Alli, has been defended by fans following his exchange with a hotel receptionist. According to a video which has since gone viral, Dele was seen arguing with the receptionist of the May Fair in Central London on upgrading him to a £3,000 a night penthouse suite. The Tottenham midfielder alongside England teammate Ross Barkley were both seen at the hotel. “Fourteen grand. Think I’ll put up with any of this sh*t? What are you going to do for me? I’m just . . . but I’ve got a room here tonight,” he said on the clip. According to the unnamed man who filmed the scene ‘Ross Barkley and Dele Alli, acting like a pair of c**** in here. Embarrassing. Look at them, p***** as anything. Dele Alli telling everyone he spent 14 grand in here. …Embarrassment, these are England players. Absolute disgrace. ‘These are England players, look, these are role models,’ he added. While some fans took to social media after the video went viral, branding Alli ‘arrogant’ and ‘overpaid’, others defended both players and said the man was hoping for ‘five minutes of fame’ and even labelled him ‘pathetic’ for trying to embarrass the players who were simply celebrating hard work. A supporting fan named Dave Reel said ‘Looks more like an Arsenal fan trying to have a pop at Spurs and Chelsea players to me. Doesn’t look like they’re doing much wrong to be honest. Couple of young lads returning after a night out.’

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