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Fans Blasts Coco Austin For Breastfeeding Her 4 Yr-old Daughter…And Husband Ice T Reacts

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Rapper Ice T has furiously defended his wife Coco Austin after trolls slammed her for breastfeeding their four year-old daughter.

Reality star Coco, 40, posted a picture of herself on instagram feeding school-age Chanel from her bosom while sat on a private jet.

The cosmetically-enhanced blonde captioned the snap: “A mothers calling…. I’m so blessed to have this unbelievable experience in this thing called Nursing.. I had a hard time breastfeeding the 1st week of when Chanel was born, I almost gave up but my family told me to hang for another week.”

The former glamour model continued: “They told me I don’t want to miss this special moment you have with your child.. health wise and bond wise..

Coco continued: “I hung in there and now almost 4 years later Chanel still wants the boob..Its more of a comfort thing now and of course she eats regular but nap time and night time are our time and I’m lucky she hasn’t grown out it yet because when that moment comes I will be so sad…Its the best feeling and ALL mothers that nurse know…#normalizebreastfeeding”

Many of her followers did not agree that a child of Chanel’s age should still be being breastfed and wasted no time commenting. “She is too big I think it’s time to take her off now” wrote one. Added a second: That’s is just gross now .. 4 is way too old stop acting like it not. A third said: “That kids gonna be all messed up still breast feeding.

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Meanwhile another branded it “disturbing” and one even said: “Nahhhhh she got teeth bruh”. But Ice T, 61, who as well as rapping also stars in Law and Order: SVU, wasn’t about to take his wife getting so much criticism lying down.

Nicole Coco Austin, Ice- T. Nicole Coco Austin, left, and Ice- T arrive at the MTV Video Music Awards at the Prudential Center, in Newark, N.J. 2019 MTV Video Music Awards – Arrivals, Newark, USA – 26 Aug 2019

Speaking about his daughter, he told TMZ: “Every once in a while, she wants to get close to her mom, that’s what they do.” He went on to explain that his daughter still eats solid food like any other child her age, saying: “She eats f*ing cheeseburgers.”

Ice and Coco have been married since 2002 and had their own reality show, Ice Loves Coco, which ran for three years from 2011-2014.

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