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Famous Brands That Have Left Social Media And Are Still Thriving

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The world almost shut down yesterday when social media outlets Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp stop working across the world. The social media platforms suddenly stopped working and many cried out wondering what had gone wrong and had happened.

Brands That Have Left Social Media And Are Still Thriving Users visiting the social platforms owned by Mark Zuckerberg are confronted with error messages. Many questioned the power social media now has in today’s world as many businesses, corporations were also badly hit by the outage. In today’s world, many businesses and cooperations heavily rely on social media for brands interaction, sales, adverts, etc, and make money off them.

In recent times huge attention has been paid to brands joining social media seeing it as the hub for business evolution. There are several brands in today’s world who have chosen to quit social media and also delete their accounts due to its impact on their wedding.
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Here are brands that have left social media and are still actively in business
1. Play Boy magazine
The magazine and digital site released a statement about its decision to leave Facebook, calling the news site sexually repressive. It stated that the social media network affected its values. They also stated that the privacy of its users has been compromised by the platform.

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2. Tesla
Tesla took down its Facebook page a few years ago noting that the page didn’t impact its business. The company since its exit as not reduced its market value but has made even more strides.

3. Commerz Bank
One of Germany’s largest banks joined the long list of companies and celebrities pulling its ads from Facebook. “We are pausing our campaign on Facebook. Brand safety and data security are very important to us,” head of the bank’s brand strategy Uwe Hellmann told a German newspaper.

4. Wetherspoons
In 2018 British Pub chain Wetherspoon announced that it will be deleting all its social media accounts and embrace traditional media like TV Ads, press releases, flyers, etc. It noted that its content and post weren’t doing well on new-age social media platforms.

5. Less than lush
Cosmetic brand Less than Lush announced that it will be bidding farewell to certain social media platforms. The cosmetics brand said social media was affecting its relationship with customers and they were particular about having real-time conversations with customers. They noted that their website will now be used for interaction.

6. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
Unilever Icecream Ben and Jerry announced that it was quitting social media indefinitely because of the spread of negative news and divisive content that has proliferated social media. The brand noted that traditional means will take center stage in its marketing campaign. It noted that advertising on these platforms at this time would not add value to people and society.

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7. Bottega Veneta
The luxury brand deleted all its social media accounts at the start of the year to focus on organic promotion. It curated a “digital journal” of interactive stills, film, and audio, that will appeal to customers offer a more progressive and more thoughtful virtual offering.

8. Hellman’s mayonnaise
The Unilever product also left social media indefinitely giving the reason that its presence on social media didn’t actively influence its brand. It said that it will continue to embrace traditional means of interaction.

9. Mozilla
The company announced that it will stop Facebook advertising because of the data scandal. Mozilla, the makers of the popular Firefox web browser, said it will stop advertising on Facebook following a data scandal impacting tens of millions of users.

10. Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola said it stopped its social media advertising as a way to address social media hate speech. The brand noted that its main goal was to share happiness and the role of social media counters its brand value. They have also called on social media firms to take stiffer actions in addressing hate speech.

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