Beauty: 5 Homemade Tips To Steam Your Face For Glow

Beauty: 5 Homemade Tips To Steam Your Face For Glow
Do you long for a glowing face too? Are you tired of pimples, acne and other facial/skin problems? Then you should try out Face steaming. Facial steaming or facial sauna is simply a process whereby the face absorbs steam for several minutes, either directly from boiled water over-the-stove, from a steamer or a towel dipped into hot water.
Face steaming process helps to open up the pores of the face and wash away all the clogged dirt in the skin. It increases perspiration, dilates the blood vessels and increases circulation of blood and oxygen around the face, which is good for healthy skin. In addition, it helps to increase oil production and naturally moisturizes the face.Beauty: 5 Homemade Tips To Steam Your Face For GlowThere are 3 ways to steam the face as mentioned above – using boiled water from a pot, hot towel or a steaming machine. All of these steps are effective and can be done at home. They only require simple efforts and extra care so as not to get an undesired result which may be worse than the current position of the face/skin. All of these three means will be highlighted in just five simple ways for better understanding and then you can choose which you will prefer to use. So, here we go on FACE STEAMING FOR A GLOWING SKIN!!!
  1. Boil Water: if you are using the over-the-stove or the towel method, boil some amount of water in a pot till there is steam coming from the pot. If for the steaming machine, pour in some water and allow to boil (see below from Jackie Aina’s vlog).
  2. Clean The Face Thoroughly: You can do this while waiting for the water to boil or before you put the water up for boiling, but it is better during the boiling period so you won’t have new debris forming on the face before the face steaming. Wash the face thoroughly and use a mild cleanser to remove excess oils as trapped dirt, oils and makeup can come in the way of the steam reaching the pores of the face, and you may not get the desired results. In case you want to use essential oils, add a few drops into the water once it boils (Lavender, Geranium, Eucalyptus and Orange oils are some that you can use).
  3. Steam It!: For the steaming machine, steams are released from its opening once the water boils. So, place your face some inches away from the steam but ensure it is coming on your face. For the over the stove method, turn off the fire if once the water boils and vapour are beginning to escape, then pour the water into a very neat and clean bowl. You may also leave it in the pot if you like, but it is not healthy, especially if you will use the pot for cooking. That done, place the water in such a position that you can lean over. Cover your head with a towel with your face facing the bowl about 7-10 inches apart so the steam can get onto your face and sink into your skin. For the towel method, dip the towel in the boiled water, squeeze out the water, leave to get warm a little bit and place the towel on your face for some minutes. Repeat for about 5-8 times. Remember to keep your eyes closed during the face steaming so you will be more comfortable and you won’t risk irritating your eyes. This also allows your eyelids to enjoy the benefits of the steam.
  4. Rinse and Pat Dry: When you are done steaming, your skin will be extra sensitive, so you don’t want to irritate it by rubbing with a towel. Just rinse the face with lukewarm water and pat it to dry. Do not go in front of a fan or AC as the temperature may alter that you have just gone through and the sudden change may affect the body. Let fresh air and nature change the temperature naturally.
  5. Apply a moisturizing cream or serum. Ensure you use a mild moisturizer on your face after steaming. This is also the time to use your anti-aging cream. This will help to nourish the skin, giving you younger-looking skin. Then give the face a gentle massage to end relaxing face steam. Caress your forehead, cheeks, and neck using upward strokes.
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    Yes, you are all done with the face steaming and a step closer to the beautiful face you desire. As much as steaming helps your face to relax, do not steam more than twice a week as too much steaming may cause irritation, dehydration and ay make you lose the essential nutrients in the face skin. Also, steam can cause serious burns, more serious than the burn from hot water so keeping a safe distance from the source of the steam is a must. If you’re steaming your face using the damp towel method, make sure the towel is warm — not hot.

    Beauty: 5 Homemade Tips To Steam Your Face For Glow
    Face Steaming tips for the glowing skin. Photos Credit: Getty

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