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Food: Explore Igbo Nativity With The Mouthwatering Ofe Uziza

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As a KOKOFoodie, a wife especially, you should not be limited to your tribal soups alone, you should explore the nativity of other tribes and today, we are exploring the great Ndigbo delicacy with Ofe Uziza.
Uziza is a spice is an aromatic vegetable usually used to add flavor to soups. It is typically used in traditional Igbo soups but over time has spread to other tribes across Nigeria.
The health benefits of Uziza are numerous; the Uziza leaves are able to improve fertility in women and improve sperm in men. They are also known to alleviate the symptoms of cough.Explore Igbo Nativity With Ofe Uziza The Mouthwatering Dish
Ugu leaves, Uziza leaves, Palm fruit extract – substitute with palm oil, Assorted meats, Ponmo – optional, Ogiri, Smoked fish, Stockfish, Beef Stock, Stock cube, Salt, Fresh pepper, Dry pepper, Cocoyam – you can use achi or ofor, Crayfish
How To Make
Season and boil the meat till tender, leaving a little stock in the pot. Pick, wash and shred the ugwu and uzazi leaves and set aside.
Boil the cocoyams until tender. Peel the skin and pound in a food processor until smooth. Extract the juice out of the palm fruit (you do this by boiling the palm fruits till the skin is tender almost peeling off, transfer to a food processor, pulse, to rid to turn the skin into mush, pour hot water over the shredded skin and extract the juice and when done, transfer the extract to the pot (of boiled meat and the stock). If you are using palm oil as substitute, you do not need the extracting step, simply pour in the palm oil in the meat and stock and allow to boil.Explore Igbo Nativity With Ofe Uziza The Mouthwatering Dish
Add in the ground crayfish, fresh pepper, smoked fish, stock fish, 1 – 2 wraps of Ogiri, depending on the volume of stock you are working with, and leave to boil. Once the Ogiri dissolves, you should be able to taste and smell it. Adjust for seasoning, and let it boil till the beef stock and palm fruit extract (or palm oil) have properly combined.
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Once you are satisfied with the taste, scoop in the cocoyam and keep boiling till it dissolves. Once the cocoyam lumps have dissolved, your soup should take on a mustard-ish shade of yellow.Explore Igbo Nativity With Ofe Uziza The Mouthwatering Dish
Do not let the soup thicken too much as the vegetables will thicken it some more. With the consistency of your cocoyam thickened stock perfect, add in the washed and shred vegetables and stir.Explore Igbo Nativity With The Mouthwatering Ofe UzizaLeave to boil for some more minutes, 3 to 5 should do. Ofe Uzazi is ready to be served with Semo or any other swallow of your choice.
Igbo soups are best watery than thick so, let it not be too thick.
Uziza leaves are not just meant for Ofe Uziza alone, you can try it for Efort Riro, Efo Elegushi and many more.Photos Credit: Dooney

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