Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Exclusive: Pastor Veronica With The Anointed Vagina Is FAKE News

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KOKO TV Nigeria can confirm that the trending story of Pastor Mrs Veronica, the reported clergy with anointed privates is nothing but fake news.

Social media went into meltdown when stories about a woman identified as Pastor Mrs. Veronica, declaring that she can heal men of their infertility by simply going to bed with them hit many sites.
The controversial Pastor said was reported to have also claimed that if a woman sleeps with her husband’s brother that she has not cheated on her husband because the brother is still the husband’s lineage.

Following the stories, KOKO TV Nigeria can confirm that after a thorough investigation, the stories and identify of Pastor Mrs Veronica is figments of people’s imagination and just fake news being peddles.

First, KOKO TV Nigeria team researched and required from authorities about the Life of Faith and Prosperity Ministry, which was reported to be in Asaba, Delta State. The ministry which the fake news ascribes as the bases of Pastor Mrs. Veronica does not exist and not known address is confirmed for the organisation.

On the real name and images of Pastor Mrs. Veronica, research shows that images circulating are far in-between and the two images trending have been doctored by the fake new merchants. Hence, leading us to the conclusion that the identity, personality and stories from Pastor Mrs. Veronica of Life of Faith and Prosperity Ministry in Asaba, Delta State is fake news.

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