Exclusive! New Video Of A ‘Stoned’ Beyonce Surfaces Online (Watch)

Just a few days after she broke the Coachella record of becoming the first black woman to ever headline the event, a newly unearthed video of Beyonce has surfaced online. The video shows a very stoned Bey talking about her dream of becoming a whale. The interview, which was filmed in Holland back in 2001, was with an outlet called Toazted. The video went viral on Monday after a Twitter handle TheHippyera, shared the video with the comment: ‘Destiny Child were so high in this interview yo #Beychella.’  During the interview, Beyonce was asked what animal she would be, and she instantly answered: ‘I know what I’d be a whale. ‘I I ove whales, I’ve loved whales since I was a little girl.’ Michelle Williams also jumped in to save bey saying;  ‘She wants to touch one one day.’  Kelly Rowland on her part said she’d love to be ‘a bird’. ‘Because they can fly,’ she says. ‘Not only can they fly but they can travel all over the world. Michelle on her own said; ‘I would like to be a black panther,’ going ahead to give an impression on how panthers walk. ‘I can creep and I like when they walk their backs.. and when they step, they step better than I do, they stride. So when I walk out of here I’m going to step like a black panther.’ Bey then adds;  ‘Imma write a song for Michele called black panther.’  Watch video below;

Photo Credit: Getty


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