Friday, August 19, 2022

Exclusive Interview Of Emmanuel Oyeleke ‘Making Time Stand Still’ With Farabale Africa

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Pronounced ‘Fah-Rah-Bah-Leh’ (chill, calm, relax), the brand’s target is to be the ground zero for ‘everything cool’ In Africa. Farabale Africa is a fun hub that aggregates the latest trends in art, culture, fashion, music, film and everything else in between. And in an exclusive interview with Emmanuel Oyeleke, he revealed his style of photography and why everyone wants an EOP insignia on their cover photo and also, as a meticulously creative person, Emmanuel made known the process that leads to the amazing outcome of his works. The brand went further to find out what photography means to him. “Photography to me is an avenue to express myself. I find that a lot of times I really can’t adequately express myself in words so what I do is I put it in pictures. I put myself in my photography” he said.Photo Credit: Farabale Africa

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