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Controversial Nollywood Actress Etinosa Vows To Never Give Birth Again, After Losing Her Dad

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Popular hugely controversial Nollywood actress Etinosa Idemudia is in a very deep, sad state at the moment as she disclosed on Instagram that she just lost her dad. Etinosa Idemudia

The actress who is the mother of just one, a girl, spoke glowingly about her dead father, blaming life itself for being at fault for the death of her father wishing her father was never born and so wouldn’t have had to live in a world full of strife, struggle, hunger sickness, and evil people.
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It was here Etinosa, mother of one vowed not to have another child into such a world. The actress in quite a length epistle dedicated to her father she spoke about his work ethic, his family and social life, and also the type of exemplary life he had lived during his years alive.

An obviously angry and sad Etinosa vowed never to procreate again and went further to to actually question if truly God is a loving and caring being for creating human beings only for them to die afterward.
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Read Etinosa’s length post below, also read her different Insta-story posts too;

Dear dad, Engr S.O.
I know no one lives forever but I never thought I will be writing this so soon. When you left my house barely 2 weeks ago you said you will be back. Look I even made a big family diner in the garden so the next time you come we will all sit there and chill. So you won’t be coming back? This is by far the worst pain I’ve ever had to deal with. But It’s fine.
You were too good for this world anyway

You lived an exemplary life. Without words you impacted not just me but everyone you came across. You taught me the true meaning of righteousness- doing the right thing irrespective of how many people are doing the wrong. Always doing good was your lifestyle.

Talk about work ethics:
Never have I seen a more principled and organised person in my life with an intimidating curriculum vitae, lists of national and international achievements yet so humble.

Family/Social life:

You always put us first, your only social life was family and church.
Thank you for being my loving father, my role model, protector, provider, for impacting me with wisdom and the spirit of excellence upon and within you. Thank you for being a living manual of what a decent man should be. The perfect role model.

Goodbye, dad. These tears I cry are just because I miss you and I selfishly want you here with me forever but to be honest, I take joy in the confidence that you are in a better place resting. Where there is no pain, no sickness, no strife, no struggle. I take joy in the knowledge that you will live forever. Forever in our hearts, in our memories, through your legacy and in my DNA. Tughator Baba

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Engr. Etinosa Idemudia
Your cat (I always preferred snuggle bunny)

Read Etinosa’s Insta-story rant here;

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