Eniola Badmus Battles Lege Miami Over Match-Making Revelation (Video)

Actress Eniola Badmus has slammed colleague, Lege Miami for alleging some actresses patronise his match-making business, including Badmus.

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Lege Miami had lamented bitterly over Eniola Badmus for being too picky with men.

The Yoruba actor, in a Live video, claimed that the actress reached out to him to connect her to a man and he obliged.

However, the actress had rejected the man he set up for her without any tangible reason.

Lamenting online, he complained that the movie star is too picky as he revealed that he can’t find any suitable man for her.

Eniola, who wasn’t pleased with him bringing a private moment outside, slammed him for granting an interview, mentioning her name.

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She noted how he claimed to be a matchmaker, yet doesn’t know the rules of matchmaking, making him know that he is expected to be discreet about it.

“Lege Miami is like your brain-collected sand. Who is your godmother sef, did they put you on the face of a naira note? I told you to be discreet about what you’re doing. You’re doing matchmaking, if you don’t know the rules, then go online and Google it.

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“How dare you grant an interview and put my name out there saying I am picking. Are you mad? I am talking to you and you’re misbehaving. Get off my phone”.

Replying to her, Lege questioned if Eniola paid for a private session noting how she knocked on his door and would be jammed.

He questioned if the movie star didn’t notice that he avoided her in Abuja recently and further questioned if he made public the video they did together.

“Eniola Badmus did you pay for a private session? Did you come to meet me to tell me you want it private because your head that isn’t correct, will be correct soon. You didn’t see that I was running from you in Abuja. The video we did in Abuja, did I post it or are you foolish? You have knocked on the door and you will be jammed”.

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