Ko Por Ke? Nigerian Youths Hire Private Security Agency For Protection

Ko Por Ke? #EndSARS Protesters Hire Private Security Agency
If there are any slangs that fit the actions of the Nigerian Youths perfectly currently, they are “Ko por ke?”, “Ta lo so be?”, “Soro soke”, ” Opor yanma yanma”!, as the #EndSARS protesters hire private security agency to protect their lives while they protest.
This decision was made as thugs have reportedly been dispatched to various states in the nation to disrupt, while the Police Force is still in the business of disrupting the #EndSARS protests.
Giving an update, FK Abudu and Moe shared pictures of the men on ground at Lagos International Airport, adding that the other states top have been or are in the process of being sorted.
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This has made the protesters proud of themselves and noting that they actually do not need anything from the Government. “I’m just so glad we all have decided this political ruling class is done! 2023 let any of them just make the mistake of coming to ask for votes! The Booing will be epic!!”, a tweep wrote. See some more reactions below:

Photos Credit: Twitter

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