#EndSARS Keypad Warriors: 8 Celebrities That Have Never Stepped On The Streets

Celebrities are role models to millions of people, and influencers in every sense of the word. When they cough, their fans cough, whatever they do their followers follow suit. The latter even go to the extent of dishing out their own monies to get their faves gifts and luxuries they individually may not even have – that is the extent of love, respect, and being a celebrity can command. As they do these, however, fans expect their faves to be concerned and to speak about things that affect them, as they have more reach than they do.ENDSARS Now the #EndSARS protest and every other movement and hashtag born out of it, including the most recent #OccupyLekkiTollGate all started online before they were carried out physically. The backing, support, and ginger given by these celebrities fueled the drive of million in joining the protest physically. Amidst all of these, however, some celebs never stepped on the streets to join the protest – we call them keypad warriors. There are many of them but here are 8, talking up a storm on social media but never showing up.
The talented singer and songwriter keep stating how devastated she is with the Nigerian government but won’t be found on the streets. She is not even in the country, not to mention stepping on the streets for the protest. She stated anxiety as her reason for not being able to do so but still, the tweets keep pouring in.
Nse Ekpe Etim
Right from the days of #EndSARS to #OccupyLekkiTollGate, this lovely actress has never come out physically to join any protest. She sits behind her device and uses her fingers to fight on the screen.Burna Boy
Burna is one of the foremost celebrities who bashed the ego of the youths, slamming them for only knowing how to fight on social media but never getting physical. Eventually, the #EnsSARS protests came, but he was nowhere to be found – not even a tweet. Days after, he came out to his space, revealing his mom was ill and he was in London. Things took various turns and then the #EndSARS protest birthed the #OccupyLekkiTollGate protest, still, he was nowhere.
No one was surprised Davido didn’t come out for #OccupyLekkiTollGate because even when he tried to come out for #EndSARS, he literarily ran off. Yet, he keeps dropping insinuation tweets and comments of the failure of the government and how people should stand for their rights.
Yemi Alade
The Johnny singer who was busy tweeting about Valentine while the #OccupyLekkiTollGate protest was going on, is all about making a difference with her fingers on her screen.

Henry Shield
He is a popular activist whose critic of the Buhari regime has set him apart. There are constant tweets of how detestable the President is but at no point has he ever stepped on the streets to join the protesters. He instead sits behind his screen thanking the #OccupyLekkiTollGate protesters.
DJ Neptune
Always speaking from the comfort of his chair where ever he seats, but has never stepped on the streets. DJ Neptune is a fighter for the #EndSARS and #OccupyLekkiTollGate protests, and his weapons are his keypads and the letters on them.
Timi Dakolo
The sonorous singer says Nigerians just keeps talking and talking but not for once has he taken his two feet and onto the streets.
One important thing to note is, amidst all these protests, if the celebrities did not join their voices via social media, it won’t be as big as it is, no cap. But the point here is if you know you will not step out, and you know you have a huge influence on the decisions of certain people, do not instigate people into taking actions that you have refused to take. Photo Credit: Getty

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