#EndSARS Frontliners Should Explain What They Used Money Frozen In Their Accounts For – Rotimi Akeredolu

Rotimi Akeredolu
Ondo State Governor Rotimi Akeredolu has questioned the #EndSARS promoters and frontliners of having used the money sent generated during the protests for illegitimate uses, defending the CBN for freezing the accounts of the #EndSARS promoters.Rotimi Akeredolu

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu who was on Channels Television noted that it is not the first time bank accounts have been frozen in the country nor will it be the last. He rather said if he was the counsel of the #EndSAR frontliners he wouldn’t advise them not to attend the judicial panel rather they should approach a competent court to justify the “legitimate” source and use of funds in the frozen accounts.

Akeredolu also disclosed that the frozen accounts issue generated arguments during a meeting between governors, traditional rulers and other stakeholders in the South-West region last week.Governor Akeredolu Shut Down Schools In Ondo Over Flood

The Governor Rotimi Akeredolu who stated that it was “so clear that some people were getting to fund this for reasons other than #EndSARS”, also told the youth representatives of the Lagos judicial panel which is currently probing cases of police brutality and the Lekki shootings to resume sitting while they challenge the CBN action in court.

Akeredolu said;

“The issue of the accounts that were frozen was discussed but nobody said in the communique that we appreciated the government for freezing the accounts.
“We know that there are ways to get a few things done without putting it in the public glare and start contestation on the pages of newspapers. So, we know what we decided and we know what we want to do about that.
“The issue, when it was raised, generated debate. But it was so clear that some people were getting to fund this for reasons other than #EndSARS. So, if we know money moved from some accounts that were suspicious, do you say the government should keep quiet? It is something we are looking into.
“If I were counsel to those people, I will not advise them not to appear at that panel.
“Accounts are frozen, is that the first time it is done? If your account was frozen, you justify why the money was there. You explain what use you have used the money. If it is, okay, we paid this caterer to give food to these boys when they were there.”

Rotimi akeredoluPhoto Credit: Getty

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