#EndSARS: Do You Have A Plan Now? Etinosa Asks Protesters

As the #EndSARS streets protests resumed in Abuja today, almost two months after it originally began, Nollywood actress and comedienne Etinosa Idemudia has asked if the youths now have a plan.
Taking to her Instagram story, the controversial Etinosa noted that she is not against the 2nd wave of the protests but cannot overlook the need for a better plan and strategy.Etinosa IdemudiaSpeaking on the need for sensitising the hoodlums to avoid another attack during the protests, she also asked if the last protest has been discussed, with its merits, and failure in view so as to achieve success in the new one.
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“Nobody is saying you should not start another protest but do you have a better plan now? Have the hoodlums in the area been contained or at least sensitised to avoid another hijack? Is there an end game now? Has there been a proper sit down to discuss the last protest, it’s merits and failures to see how the new one can be a success? Or y’all are just hitting the streets empty”, she began.
Etinosa Idemudia
Photos Credit: Instagram

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