End SARS: Here Are What Frank Mba And Naira Marley Discussed

End SARS: Frank Mba In A Chat Naira Marley
Against all odds, the Nigerian Police has held the proposed chat with Naira Marley on Instagram and it is worthy to bring all that was said and discussed to light.
DCP Frank Mba, during the session kept reassuring Nigerian youths that the Police Force is working hands in gloves to ensure that there are reforms to the activities and conducts of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad SARS.
Naira Marley raised concern over mode of dressing, asking publicly if it is wrong to wear mini skirt or have dreads. Replying, Frank Mba noted that it is not and that there are no law against such. He further promised that harassment to such end would stop. Here are other things to note from the chat.
1. The Nigerian Police would get SARS off the roads and enforce this itself.
2. All Police officers must wear uniforms henceforth to ensure their authenticity.
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3. Youths can record the police in cases of extortion, false accusations and other scenarios, however, not in Security Concious zones (places with heightened security or a need for heightened security e.g Airports).
4. Police officers henceforth would only move in licensed police vehicles and not Danfo and Keke Maruwa.
5. The Police Force responds to DMs and urges offended people to call in or  send a DM via the Force’s social media accounts.
6. The Police claims they are open to Partnerships with youths to ensure effective policing. They said they are ready to recruit 10,000 youths.
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