Your Brain Is Empty – Eriata Ese Drags Troll Who Age-shamed Her

eriata ese
Nollywood actress Eriata Ese has taken to social media to mercilessly drag a troll who age-shammed her. The TV star shared a snap of herself looking stunning on her page and the troll left a nasty comment on the post.

eriata eseThe troll asked her to spend her time focusing on getting married rather than slaying on the gram. He further shared that she will soon hit 40 with no husband and all she would have left is her fashion and slaying. Eriata came back with the perfect response for the troll as she noted that he has the face of an idiot so she is very sure his brain is empty and there is no point exchanging words with him. She further asked him to take his Yahoo boy self out of her page.
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