Saturday, September 30, 2023

Electricity Hike, Wrong Timming – Nigerians

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AS Nigerians groan over the removal of fuel subsidy, Awaiting government palliative measures to reduce the effect, Federal Government is planning to increase the electricity tariff 


Speaking on the matter, Yetunde Yemi – Bamhbose who was on Kiss FM program on Friday, in Abuja, monitored by our correspondent described the proposed electricity tariff increase as barbaric and callous

She said the Federal Government changed its voice at the dieing minuite in the layman’s language because already the subsidy removal was biting hard and suddenly someone comes to increase electricity tariff again? on what basis you want to ask? why would some people want to put others under so much pressure ? The fuel subsidy is a main issue and a big one at that, so many Nigerians have dropped their cars unable to go to places they would usually not blink an eyelid to go to before.

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This is affecting busineses, in her words ”just yesterday I heard Ram sellers lamenting the fuel hike and its effect on the cost of Rams. Every increase affects the cost of each ram making it shoot up sporadically. The Fuel subsidy removal is already biting hard and now the electricity tariff increase”.

She said, they read the body language of Nigerians and were intelligent enough to withdraw the increase. Nigerians were sitting on a time bomb already and any other thing can lead to an explosion and that’s why they backtracked.

Yetunde Veteran Journalist and administrator said that the electricity tariff had usually increased continuously without Nigerians even noticing but this one was noticeable because there was something pinching hard already and Nigerians monitor every other thing around them, this was not noticeable in the past. ”The timing as far as I am concerned is really wrong”.

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She says ”I don’t have a best time but it would have been when Nigerians recover from the subsidy removal, we are yet to even acquaint ourselves with it not to talk of recovering, how then do we accommodate this new development? We cannot ”multibear” problems. we know there will always be problems but it should be one after the other and not accumulated to the detriment of our mental health.

She urges President Tinubu to do the needful and provide palliatives for Nigerians

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