“Classic Demonstration Of Tyranny” – Eldee Condemns Banning Of Donald Trump On All Social Media Platforms

Retired Nigerian singer and rapper, Eldee has condemned the banning of American president Donald Trump across all social media platforms saying by doing that its a form of tyranny. Eldee

Eldee who took to Twitter to say, just because you don’t agree with a persons opinion doesn’t give you the right to oppress or repress that person’s freedom of speech.

The retired Nigerian rapper who relocated to America since 2013, said by banning someone from social media platforms, just because their opinions differ from yours is a classic demonstration of tyranny.

Though the rapper did try to point out that he wasn’t a Donald Trump supporter, neither was he in-support of the attack perpetrated by the Pro-Donald Trump supporters on the Congress at the Capitol Hill, as they tried to halt and disrupt the congress’ confirmation of Joe Biden as the next U.S president.eldee

Tweeting from the States, he wrote:

“Eldee condemns the banning of a person from social media because you don’t agree with their opinion.”

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