Monday, January 24, 2022

El Rufai Saga: Should The EU Be Allowed To Observe Nigeria’s Elections

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We can all agree that the governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El Rufai was in the wrong when he threatened the International bodies concerning interfering with the country’s election process. But thinking about it, should the EU be allowed to monitor our electoral procedures? because it seems like we haven’t fully gained our independence. We don’t hear of the AU (African Union) interfering in the matters that concern the western world or send our representatives during their own elections. This feels like slavery version two, where we have to take permission from our ‘masters’ before we take actions concerning things that affect our lives. Many have argued that the western presence in Africa is not because of their good will but because they want to fulfill their selfish agenda in Africa and the sad thing about all these is that we don’t have good leaders, they are just like the ‘Black caretakers’ whose ‘white masters’ gave the responsibility to watch over their ‘plantation'(Africa). When will Africa stop looking for validation from the western world? and when will our leaders start doing things that will benefit the people of Africa instead of pleasing their masters? and also keep in mind the allegation placed by conspiracy theorist saying that Gadafi’s death was planned by the western governments because of his idea of a new African economic system where he wanted to introduce gold dinar to back African currencies so we could be free from the dollar domination. Our leaders need to start doing right by us and move us forward and not give in into the wants of the western world. Photo Credit: Getty

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